Steel wire and its applications

Wire, as a kind of rolled metal

Steel wire is one of the varieties of long metal. Areas of application of wire are diverse – life, construction, industry and so on. Depending on the field of application, the wire of several types – galvanized, reinforcing, spring, low-carbon and other. Each type of wire has its own peculiarities and methods of application in certain areas.

The steel wire of general purpose is made of low-carbon steel, and it is used mainly for the production of different diameters of building nails. The diameter of a wire of this kind varies usually within 0.16 – 10 millimeters.

Galvanized Steel Wire

This type of wire is quite popular, because it is different, resistant to corrosion. Apply such a wire in the manufacture of various springs, ropes, cables, as well as for the manufacture of electrodes.

Galvanized wire in its standard form has a circular cross-section and a diameter of 0.2 to 8 millimeters. There are, however, variations with other types of cross-section and diameter measures. In addition, in some cases, the zinc-coated wire is covered with a layer of zinc, which provides resistance against environmental influences.

Welding wire made of steel

Wire of this kind is used for welding pipes and various kinds of metal structures. Such wire is made of different types of steel, it all depends on the specific type of welding work.

The diameter of such a steel wire is from 0.6 to 5 millimeters, there are types with a larger diameter, but they are used extremely rarely for special types of welding under special conditions.

Knitting wire

Such a wire is characterized by “constant” characteristics and a rather narrow field of application. Knitting steel wire usually has a diameter of 2 millimeters and is made from wire rod by drawing.

From such wire are made cables, mesh and other. The material for making this type of wire is low-carbon steels.

Steel wire rope

This kind of wire is used for the production of various ropes and has three subcategories. Subcategories vary depending on the zinc density index. Sometimes a rope wire is used for operating conditions especially severe, hard and medium.

Reinforcing wire

This type of wire is usually produced with a diameter of 4 millimeters and is used for additional reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. The surface of the reinforcing wire has special sections that provide better adhesion to concrete.

There are quite a lot of different types of steel wire, each of which is in demand in a certain industry, so we recommend that you carefully study the scope of its use before deciding on any type of wire, and then decide on the final choice.